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About Pacific Hold'Em Poker

Pacific Hold'Em Poker is fun and easy to play - even for beginners! If your best 5-card hand beats all of your on-screen opponents' hands, you win!

Pacific Hold'Em Poker can be played daily, with a new draw every 6 minutes. The first draw starts at 11:02 a.m. and the last draw ends at 2:00 a.m. Pacific Hold'Em Poker is available at bars and pubs and online at

Getting Started

Choose how many Pacific Hold'Em Poker hands you want to play. Each hand costs $2 and you can play up to 5 hands per draw.

Choose how many consecutive draws you want to play, up to a maximum of 5.

If you buy more than one hand or play consecutive draws, your hands will print on separate tickets and will each feature a unique pair of cards.

Raise Your Bet

Got good cards? Want a chance to increase your winnings? Raise your bet!

If you think your ticket has a chance of beating your on-screen opponents, you can raise your bet to $4, $6, $8 or $10, before the start of the draw.

If you win, each $2 raise gives you an extra share of the prize pot. The number of players playing will determine the total prize pot.

Bet Amount Share of Jackpot
$2.00 1 Share
$4.00 2 Shares
$6.00 3 Shares
$8.00 4 Shares
$10.00 5 Shares

How to Win

Watch the Pacific Hold'Em Poker draw on the monitor to see the 5 community cards drawn.

Combine at least one of the 2 cards printed on your ticket with the corresponding community cards to make your best 5-card poker hand.

If your 5-card poker hand beats all of your on-screen opponents' hands, you win a share of the prize pot.

If no one beats the on-screen opponents, all ticket holders with the next best hand (the Best Hand in Province) win or share the prize pot.

The number of players participating in a particular draw will determine the amount of the prize pot.

A tie is considered a loss.

Bad Beat Jackpot

The Bad Beat Jackpot is a separate, progressive jackpot that continues to grow until it's won. You could win the Bad Beat Jackpot if:

You have a 4-of-a-Kind or a Straight Flush but your hand loses to your on-screen opponents.

You must use at least one of the 2 cards printed on your ticket to create your best possible 5-card hand.

Your best possible 5-card hand must be stronger than the 5 community cards alone (the card(s) printed on your ticket can't simply replace equivalent cards within the 5 community cards).

If more than one hand qualifies for the Bad Beat Jackpot, only the best Bad Beat hand will be awarded the jackpot. In the event of a tie, the Bad Beat Jackpot is shared. In the event of a tie, the total prize will be divided by the number of winning shares.

Hand Rankings

Do you know what the best poker hand is? Learn which Pacific Hold'Em Poker hands win over another.

Playing Responsibly

Know how the game works and what the odds are before playing.

The more you know about the games, the better equipped you are to make informed decisions when you play.

Learn More About the Odds at

Progressive Jackpot