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If you find yourself gambling too much, or if it no longer feels like a game, there’s help if you need it.

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Rules, Regulations & Game Conditions

Official Rules and Regulations

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NEW $2 Crossword

Win up to 3 times your prize!

Overall approximate odds of winning a prize are 1:4.00.

How to Play

CROSSWORD: Scratch all of the CALL LETTERS; then scratch all of the letters found in the CROSSWORD puzzle which match the CALL LETTERS. (For example, if you find the letter A in the CALL LETTERS, scratch every letter A in the CROSSWORD puzzle.) If you have scratched at least 3 complete “words” in the CROSSWORD puzzle, you win the corresponding prize found in the PRIZE LEGEND. Only one prize may be claimed per ticket within the CROSSWORD puzzle.

PRIZE MULTIPLIER: Scratch the PRIZE MULTIPLIER play area to find a multiplier symbol. Find a “    ” symbol, double the prize won in the CROSSWORD puzzle. Find a “    ” symbol, triple the prize won in the CROSSWORD puzzle.

BONUS: Scratch the BONUS play area. Find any prize amount, win that prize. If you find a “    ” symbol, win a free $3 Crossword ticket.


✎ Letters combined to form a complete “word” must appear in an unbroken horizontal or vertical sequence of letters within the CROSSWORD puzzle from top to bottom or left to right.

✎ Only letters within the CROSSWORD puzzle that are matched with the CALL LETTERS can be used to form a complete “word”.

✎ In the CROSSWORD puzzle, every lettered square within an unbroken horizontal or vertical sequence must be matched with a CALL LETTER to be considered a complete “word”. Words within words are not eligible for a prize. (For example, if in the CROSSWORD puzzle  there is a sequence as shown to the left, where all of the CALL LETTERS S,T,O,N,E must be revealed in order for this to count as one complete “word”. TON, ONE or any other portion of the sequence   would not count as a complete “word”.)

✎ A complete “word” must contain at least three letters.

Prize Level Overall Approximate Odds 1:4.12
$25,000 1,500,000.00
$5,000 1,500,000.00
$1,000 500,000.00
$100 6,000.00
$25 450.59
$15 187.50
$10 31.89
$7 43.60
$6 50.51
$5 25.82
$4 81.08
Free $3 Crossword Ticket
$2 47.54