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Finding Help

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Celebrating Our Winners

Share the excitement and celebrate our latest lottery winners. At BCLC, we believe that sharing winning moments helps us all get a little closer to living the dream. Hope to hear your story next!

Kathleen McBride won $2,000,000 playing BC49



Kathleen McBride

North Vancouver, BC

Tears of joy for North Vancouver lottery winner

The party started the instant Kathleen McBride discovered her $2,000,000 BC/49 jackpot win.

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Lotto 6/49 - Guaranteed $1M Prize Draw


Hamed Rahmani

West Vancouver, BC

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Coral Adelman won 1 Million playing Lotto Max



Coral Adelman

Vanderhoof, BC

Maxmillion winner still shaken by win

A Facebook rumour about a Lotto Max winner in town prompted Vanderhoof resident Coral Adelman to get online and check the numbers for the May 9 Lotto Max draw. The morning after the draw, she checked, wrote the winning numbers down and put them in her pocket and headed out for the day.

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Robert & Sid Roemer won 1Million playing Lotto 6/49

Lotto 6/49 - Guaranteed $1M Prize Draw


Sid & Roberta Roemer

Ladysmith, BC

“Guaranteed” win a huge surprise for Ladysmith Couple

Roberta and Sidney Roemer are creating quite the buzz in Ladysmith with their guaranteed $1Million win from the July 16 Lotto 6/49 Draw.

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Elaine Haupt won $500,000 playing Lotto Max extra



Elaine Haupt

Surrey, BC

First time lottery player hits jackpot

After witnessing a fellow shopper win $2,000 playing the lottery, Elaine Haupt of Surrey figured she’d purchase a ticket for the May 2, 2014 $50 million Lotto Max jackpot and said ‘Yes’ to the Extra for good measure.

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Walter Klym

Kamloops, BC

Extra win has player weak at the knees

A routine task of mailing a letter and purchasing a lottery ticket proved life changing for Kamloops retiree Walter Klym after he bought a BC/49 ticket and said ‘Yes’ to the Extra. Little did he know that ticket would soon be worth $500,000!

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Weaving, Kathy In Trust, Cash Multiplier, $100,000

$5 Cash Multiplier


Kathryn Weaving, In Trust

Vernon, BC

Chalyn Sherman won $100,00 playing Diamond Dazzler

$5 Diamond Dazzler


Chalyn Sherman

Kamloops, BC

Thomas Hodgkinson Poker Lotto Winner $100,000

Poker Lotto


Thomas Hodgkinson

Vancouver, BC


BC 50/50


Juliet Gerrand &
Kimberley Williamson

Port Coquitlam, BC

Mike Vrlak won $40,892 playing Sports Action Oddset

Sports Action - Oddset


Mike Vrlak

Vancouver, BC


Keno & Keno Bonus


Kathleen Wieshlow

Kelowna, BC

Jose Murta won $25,005 playing Keno



Jose Murta

Burnaby, B.C.


Pacific Hold’Em Poker


Clay Gene Cantin

Belcarra, BC

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The more you know about the games, the better equipped you are to make informed decisions when you play.

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