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BC 50/50 Super Bowl Super Jackpots

On February 11, 2024 BC 50/50 will offer a total of $275,000 in guaranteed minimum jackpots to celebrate the excitement of the Super Bowl!

There will be four big BC 50/50 draws on Game Day with GUARANTEED minimum jackpots:

1:00pm – $60,000

3:00pm – $70,000

6:00pm – $85,000

9:00pm – $60,000

If 50% of ticket sales exceed these amounts, then the jackpot will continue to grow, and players win the greater amount.

There is a GUARANTEED winner in BC on every BC 50/50 draw!

BC 50/50 is just $1 per 1 pick or can be purchased in Value Picks:

6 picks for $5 (save $1)

15 picks for $10 (save $5)

Super Bowl Super Jackpots are available to play anywhere BC 50/50 tickets are sold, i.e. at any lottery retail or hospitality location in B.C.

Buy a ticket and feel the excitement of the Super Bowl!

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