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Get Your Scratch & Win Mega Pack Today!

Bonkers for Bingo? Crazy about Crossword?
If you like Scratch & Win, you’re going to love the Scratch & Win Mega Pack!

Available exclusively in B.C., the Mega Pack offers $30 of Scratch & Win lottery tickets for only $19.99.  

The Mega Pack consists of nine tickets for a total value of $30.00.

  1. $10 Golden Ticket
  2. $5 Big Money
  3. $3 Lucky Letters
  4. $3 Groovy Crossword
  5. $3 Bonanza Bingo
  6. $2 Fast 50’s
  7. $2 Double Your Dollars
  8. $1 Gold Rush,
  9. $1 Blackjack

A great gift (if you don’t end up keeping it all for yourself), this offer is available exclusively to Costco members at Costco locations in B.C. 

Overall odds of winning a prize on the Scratch & Win Mega Pack are 1 in 2.

Pick up your Mega Pack in the gift card section at Costco today!

Get Your Ticket

Only available for purchase at Costco locations, the Scratch & Win Mega Pack is exclusively available to Costco members.

Find the ticket in the gift card section!

Prizes won on the Scratch & Win Mega Pack can be redeemed at qualified lottery retailers in the province of B.C. Prizes cannot be redeemed at Costco locations.

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Scratch & Win Mega Pack : The Games

$10 Golden Ticket

This luxurious ticket is sure to dazzle you from the moment you unwrap the packaging. With a top prize of $200,000 this ticket is better than chocolate.

$5 Big Money

Green and gold are dominant on this stylish and fun ticket. With a chance to win the top prize of $75,000, a multiplier, AND an instant win, Big Money is big on fun.

$3 Lucky Letters

A classic play mechanic paired with a colourful, whimsical design- what more can you ask for? A top prize of $50,000, that's what! No dictionary required to play this fun letter-match ticket.

$3 Bonanza Bingo

If you're bonkers for Bingo, you're going to have a blast with Bonanza Bingo. Don't grab your bingo dabber, just start scratching for your chance to win the top prize of $50,000.

$3 Groovy Crossword

You’re crazy about Crossword and you know it. Get your groove on with this quirky edition available only on the Mega Pack. 

$2 Fast 50s

It’s all happening fast and furious with Fast 50s: you only need to match three symbols to win a prize. Find a lightning bolt symbol and you win $50 instantly. Boom.

$2 Double Your Dollars

With two ways to win and a top prize of $20,000, this ticket is double the fun. Don’t delay, play Double Your Dollars today!

$1 Gold Rush

This classic game has a fresh look and feel for the Mega Pack. Get a rush and a chance to win $10,000 on Gold Rush.

$1 Blackjack

The highest top prize available for a $1 ticket. Even if you’re not the best at card games, fun is definitely in the cards with Blackjack.

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