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Lottery Terminal Training Videos

The training videos below are designed to help you confidently operate and maintain your lottery terminal. The videos can only be viewed with Firefox, Chrome, or Safari browsers

How to Cancel a Lottery Ticket

It’s important to cancel a ticket correctly to ensure your store receives the appropriate credit. It also plays a role in demonstrating good customer service and integrity in any given scenario.

Cancelling a Ticket

Learn how to cancel a clean printed ticket which retains the barcode and ticket control number.

Cancelling a Ticket with No Barcode

Learn how to cancel a ticket where the barcode is damaged and cannot be scanned.

Cancelling a Ticket with no Barcode or Control Number

Learn what to do when cancelling a ticket where printing damaged both the barcode and the control number. 

Reports and Invoices from your Lottery Terminal

The videos below explain key reports available through the lottery terminal to support lottery reconciliation.   

Understanding the Daily Sales Report

This video explains the sections on the Daily Sales Report printed from the lottery terminal.

Understanding the Invoice

This video explains the sections on the Invoice Report printed from the lottery terminal.

Operations & Maintenance

The following videos demonstrate a number of ways you can minimize technical issues through regular maintenance of your terminal, as well as tips on operational features.

Printer Maintenance

Learn how to properly clean the printer which will minimize printer jams and service interruptions.

Resetting the Lottery Terminal

This video details how to turn the lottery terminal OFF and ON for Hotline support calls.

Cleaning the Lottery Terminal

Learn how to properly clean the lottery terminal to minimize errors when scanning a barcode or when printing a ticket produced by a selection slip. 

Scanning a Ticket when Validating

This video outlines the best practices for effectively scanning a lottery ticket when validating.

Printing a Retailer Copy of the Validation Slip

Learn how to turn the 'Retailer Copy' feature ON and OFF for the validation slips. 

Activating the Lottery Terminal

This video explains the process around first-time sign on to your lottery terminal.