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30th Anniversary Gold Rush

British Columbia is celebrating 30 years of Gold Rush with the commemorative $10 30th Anniversary Gold Rush.


Overall approximate odds to win a prize on a $10 - Gold Rush are 1: 3.40

How to Play

GAME 1: Scratch the GAME 1 play area. If any of the fifteen (15) YOUR NUMBERS exactly match any of the five (5) GOLD RUSH NUMBERS, win the corresponding prize for that NUMBER. Uncover a “    ” symbol, win the corresponding prize instantly.
GAME 2: Scratch the GAME 2 play area. Find three (3) identical prize amounts, win that prize.
GAMES 3-9: Scratch the entire GAMES 3-9 play area. Uncover three (3) identical symbols within the same GAME, win the corresponding PRIZE for that GAME.
BONUS: Scratch the BONUS play area. Find any prize amount, win that prize.
Match three (3) identical prize amounts, win that amount as a
credit for free play.*

Enter your winning PLAYNOW.COM BONUS CODE AT to redeem.
*Conditions apply. See for details.

Prize Level Overall Approximate Odds 1:3.40
$125,000 500,000.00
$10,000 250,000.00
$1,000 166,666.67
$500 100,000.00
$250 50,000.00
$100 416.67
$50 28.03
$40 500.00
$30 25.00
$25 25.00
$20 22.73
$15 500.00
$10 7.81