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Pool Party

Top prize $50,000!

Overall odds to win a prize on $3 Pool Party - 1:3.90.

How to Play

Scratch YOUR COORDINATES to reveal each of your twenty (20) grid locations (letter-number combination). 

Find the corresponding location in YOUR GRID and scratch only that square. For example, the uppermost left square of YOUR GRID is location A1.

If you completely uncover the entire symbol using YOUR COORDINATES, you win the corresponding prize for that symbol as per the PRIZE LEGEND. 

All squares forming the symbol must be uncovered to win.


Prize Level Overall Approximate Odds 1:3.90
$50,000 1,000,000.00
$2,000 250,000.00
$500 40,000.00
$50 3,846.15
$25 203.21
$15 44.39
$13 43.69
$10 46.51
$8 37.04
$5 12.05
Free $3 Ticket + $3 33.38
$3 38.05
Free $3 Ticket 55.52