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Detailed Prize Claims

Prize Claim Requirements and Expectations:

  • Please bring two pieces of valid government-issued identification when making your claim. The ID must include a recent photo, date of birth and signature. 
  • Prizes will only be paid to the rightful ticket holder(s) or Group Trustee.
  • Group claims $10,000 and greater require a Group Prize Agreement Form. 
  • Please note that the winner(s) must be present at BCLC during the entire processing time.
  • If winner(s) arrive at a payout location late in the day the prize may not be paid the same day.
  • If claiming at BCLC, all prizes are made payable by cheque. Only claims greater than $25 Million will be paid via wire transfer.

Prize Claim Restrictions:

  • Pacific Hold’Em Poker prizes must be claimed at a retail location where the game is sold. These tickets can also be presented to BCLC or Regional Prize Payout locations for prize payment.
  • All Pull Tab prizes must be claimed at the place of purchase on the same date the ticket was purchased. BCLC does not payout on pull tabs.
  • All merchandise prizes, cash equivalent prizes, and bonus prizes must be claimed in person from a BCLC Corporate Office.
  • Keno prizes of $2,000 or greater cannot be claimed the same day of the draw.
  • Tickets purchased in lottery jurisdictions outside BC must be claimed from the address located on the reverse of the ticket.
  • All prizes must be claimed prior to the expiry date as indicated on the ticket. Expiry dates for Scratch & Win tickets are printed on the reverse of the ticket and other lottery games' expiry dates are one year from the draw date printed on the front of the ticket. Please ensure you check the expiry date on Scratch & Win tickets at the time of purchase as BCLC will not honour prizes on expired tickets. To support physical-distancing requirements to help stop the spread of COVID-19, BCLC has extended the expiry date by six months for tickets with an expiry date between March 17 and September 17, 2020. For more information click here.

Additional Information:

  • Mondays (and Tuesdays after a statutory holiday) tend to have a higher volume of prize claims presented. Prize Claims processing wait times may be longer than other days of the week.
  • Free parking is available for winners at both BCLC Corporate Offices located at the front of the building and will be identified with appropriate signage.
  • When planning to claim your prize, please allow time for the processing of your claim. Refer to the prize claim processing times below for further details around expected processing times for your prize claim.

Prize Claim Processing Times

Although claim times can vary with each claim, the following guidelines will assist in planning your time:

Prize Value

Claim Time (on Average)

Prizes up to $2,000

15 Minutes

$2,000.01 - $9,999.99

30 to 45 Minutes

$10,000.00 - $25,000.00

2 Hours

$25,000.00 - $499,999.99

2 to 3 Hours

$500,000.00 - $9,999,999

3 to 5 Hours

Jackpots $10 Million +

 2 Day Process

Mail-In-Claim (prizes below $9,999.99)

10-15 Business Days from Date Received

Please follow the guidelines below as to when you should arrive at either of the Corporate Offices:

Prize Value

Arrival Time

$10,000.00 - $25,000.00

Before 2pm

$25,000.01 - $499,999.99

Before 12pm

$500,000.00 +

Before 10am

Please note that BCLC has to verify all Prize Claims before payment is made and your prize may not be paid out the same day.