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Publicizing Lottery Winners

Are you a lottery winner? Find out why, when and how BCLC publicizes information about lottery winners.

Why does BCLC publish information about lottery winners?

It all comes down to transparency and integrity:

  • we want to be transparent with the public and all lottery players;
  • we want to promote the integrity of our games, promotions and contests by demonstrating BCLC pays out to the rightful winner; and
  • we want to effectively market lottery products and fulfil BCLC’s mandate to the Province of British Columbia.

What information does BCLC publish?

The amount of information published varies. For example, we may publish more information about winners of larger prizes given there is greater public interest in large prize claims.

Here are the things we may publish about a winner:

  • name (given, middle, and surname)
  • city/town of current residence
  • photograph (of true current appearance)
  • prize details
  • winner’s story
  • occupation
  • employer
  • marital status
  • personal quote
  • other personal information, as volunteered by winners during the prize claim process

Is there anything you don’t publish?

BCLC will not publish the following information about a winner:

  • age
  • address or other contact information
  • personal information belonging to a third party

During the prize claim process, if BCLC incidentally collects personal information that it deems to be sensitive about its winners or other persons, BCLC will protect this sensitive personal information in accordance with BCLC’s Privacy Policy.

How does BCLC obtain consent to publish my personal information?

As part of the prize claim process, BCLC requires written consent from a winner to publish their personal information. If a prize claimant refuses such consent, a prize may be withheld in accordance with the Rules and Regulations Respecting Lotteries and Gaming.

Can a winner remain anonymous?

We consider requests for anonymity on a case by case basis, but the exceptions are rare.

BCLC’s role is to ensure that above all else, the integrity of the lottery system is upheld. In addition to conducting a thorough prize claim verification process, one of the most important ways in which we accomplish this is by publicizing winners.

What happens when I come to BCLC to claim my prize?
Congrats! If you’ve won a prize of $25,000 or greater, you may need to claim your prize at either our Kamloops or Vancouver office. During the process, our staff will verify your win and then we’ll take your photo and interview you about your win. Your winner story may be shared on, social media, and other news outlets. A short video about your win might also be produced and shared online.

How long does BCLC publish information about lottery winners?

BCLC publishes a winner’s information for up to two years, starting from the date when the winner is first declared publicly. After this period, BCLC will not publish new material containing a winner’s personal information without the winner’s consent.

Will BCLC contact me in the future, after I’ve received my prize and left BCLC’s premises?

We might be interested in hearing from winners after they’ve claimed their prize – for research or marketing purposes for example. As part of the prize claim process, we may ask a winner for consent for BCLC to contact them in the future.